living in a new house

When you're about to move into a new apartment or house that you've spotted on the real estate site , there's a lot to think about, do and plan for.

Organizing the move, but also transferring the electricity, water, internet contracts, thinking about changing the locks... For all these things, I really recommend that you use the checklists that the site offers to simplify your life.

Decluttering is better before

It may seem obvious, but you'd be amazed at how complicated most people make life with a difficult and expensive move. We all tend to think that we're going to sort things out once we get into our new home, instead of organizing a big de-cluttering before the move.

Wanting everything to be perfect is not going to help.

The best is the enemy of the good. We usually have a very positive view of our new home. Everything will be perfect, you will feel good from the first day, everything will be ok once the move is over...

On the contrary, expect surprises and unforeseen events. I don't want to play the pessimist, just bring a little reality to the situation! And it's perfectly normal when you think about it, everything can't be perfect, you just have to accept it. The fun part consists precisely in recreating a pleasant environment, a house in which you really feel at home.

It's going to take time and that's normal. Involve the family, and even friends, it's a friendly and creative moment to share with others.

Becoming a homeowner can't be learned

When you're a tenant, you dream of becoming a homeowner! But once you own your home, the good thing about being a tenant is that you can rent it. Less stress, less maintenance, less things to manage. This lawn won't mow itself! If you're moving from renting a studio to owning a home, you'll soon realize that the transition can be quite stressful.

Weekends quickly become busy with lots of things to do, just to keep up with the maintenance of the house. My advice: also take the time to enjoy your home, even if everything isn't perfect! Organize meals with your friends, even if your house isn't ready and you have boxes lying around.

Take the time to live in your new home

You certainly already have a good idea of what you want in your new space. But the reality is that it takes time to get used to the place. A house is experienced and imagined over time. You don't have to have a super precise idea of the decoration and layout of each room. If you live in a group, each person in the household will also have special needs. The ideal family home is built... as a family!

Living in your home for a few months will certainly bring you new ideas. You will have a better idea of the textures you want, the materials you want to use, the dimensions and the space you want to create.

If you are planning renovations, the same advice applies. Wait a minimum of 12 months before you go ahead and smash it all up! What you think is a good idea now may seem useless in a little while.

For each room, the light will be different depending on the season, the time of day... This luminosity will influence your choice of objects, furniture and paintings. Take the time to live each room for a few months to get a better idea of the atmosphere you want.

If you are a control freak with a perfectionist tendency, you may not feel comfortable moving in! You will stress yourself for nothing. Your ideal home is the one you imagine over time, it's a long term project.

As you go along, you add decoration and furniture that will give character to your home. Feeling at home is not a copy and paste of the Instagram pages or the most inspiring catalogs. Your home should reflect your character and personality.

Investing for quality

If you absolutely have to replace some furniture, my advice is to invest in quality furniture for important pieces like the sofa. The same goes for your mattress. It is an investment because it is often an expensive purchase, but you will keep this mattress or sofa for many years...

Redecorating starting small

Rethinking decoration is an exciting project, which offers beautiful perspectives and above all allows you to rethink your new life. But the best advice I received when I moved in was to start small.

You really have to try to resist the temptation of wanting to buy your decoration before you move in. Once you're in your new home, start small.

Thinking about the essentials

We tend to forget all the practical things we need in our new home. Before you move in, also think about the essentials you're going to need on a daily basis, such as linens and storage accessories.

Plan for unexpected expenses

It's also tempting to want to redo everything and change your furniture for your new home. But you're bound to have some unexpected expenses right after you move. Try to recover as much of your current furniture as possible, even if you have to sell it later to buy new ones.

Moving into a new home is a bit like pressing the reset button. It often gives you that feeling of starting a new life. This period is exciting, brings a lot of new things and changes, but can also be stressful. Especially if you set the bar too high! Take your time. I hope this feedback will help you feel at home as soon as possible.

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