The travel bag is the traveler’s number one accessory! It will accompany you for years around the world. 

Also, choosing the right one is important and requires time for reflection. Whether it’s a new or second-hand bag, there are things to consider. 

The travel bag on wheels

For even more ergonomics and comfort, you can opt for a travel bag on wheels. Most of the time equipped with a trolley (except on very large models), this type of travel bag is very easy to carry.

Indeed, it has 2 or 4 wheels allowing you to easily take it everywhere with care and comfort. In the same way as a suitcase, it also has carrying handles to be used in places where the wheels cannot be used (on stairs for example).

Sometimes, this type of bag also offers an adjustable shoulder strap and also shoulder straps.

The duffel bag

This model of travel bag can be used as a city bag or as a sports bag! Better known as a “duffel” bag, this bag has a very practical rounded shape and is, most of the time, ultra light.

The duffle travel bag is easy to carry everywhere with you with ergonomics and comfort. It can be moved using its handles or its adjustable shoulder strap (depending on the model and your desires). Choose this bag for its simplicity, light weight and ease of use.

The leather travel bag

To move around with an elegant look and a distinctive touch, opt for a beautiful leather travel bag.

Designed in different qualities of leather: cowhide, full grain, supple, greasy, split leather… these bags are equally refined. They allow you to travel at the cutting edge of traditions in a harmonious and sophisticated authenticity.

The stagecoach travel bag

Stagecoach travel bags are a category of bags not to be put aside with their vintage side that is fundamentally coming back in fashion. Indeed, they have an old-fashioned “doctor bag” style opening.

Easy to handle and most of the time made of leather, these travel bags are very refined and modern with a touch of antique style that is unique to them.

The children’s travel bag

Why shouldn’t your children also have the right to a small bag as close as possible to their desires?

The children’s travel bag has a playful, fun and colourful design, featuring the youngest’s favourite characters. Girly or more masculine design… You’ll be spoilt for choice among the models.

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